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Recent improvements in transmission fluid have dramatically increased its expected life.  In fact, many new cars offer no means of checking the fluid level or adding fluid, since fluid is good for the life of the car.  Check the owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended replacement schedule, which can range from 30,000 to 100,000 miles, and frequently requires the replacement of a filter as well.  Understanding this schedule not only protects your transmission from premature failure, but also eliminates an unnecessary fluid change.  Severe driving conditions such as trailering or heavy hauling can shorten transmission fluid's life.  A dark brown color, accompanied by a burnt smell, is a clue that fluid needs to be changed.  

A reliable transmission is essential - without one, your vehicle won't go anywhere.  Good Guys Auto Care Center's ASE-certified technicians can troubleshoot any transmission problem you might have, and guarantee that you can get back on the road fast.  From basic maintenance to highly specific repairs, we've got you covered on all fronts.  Our transmission services cover a wide range of options, including basic maintenance like transmission fluid drain and fill services, transmission filter changes and transmission operation code retrieval from your vehicle's computer.  We also offer advanced services in our Fountain Valley, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita locations.  These include diagnostics, solenoid replacement, transmission repair and full replacement if necessary.  Our expertise extends to whatever type of vehicle you might drive.  Whether you're the owner of a front-wheel drive car, a rear-wheel drive truck or an all-wheel drive vehicle, we can help make sure that your transmission stays in the best possible condition and ensure longevity and reliable operation on the road.  We can also combine our transmission services with other service offerings, including oil changes, major services (based on your OEM specifications) and more.  Whether you're experiencing harsh shifting, find that your manual transmission won't go into gear or just want to make sure your transmission is professionally maintained, Good Guys Auto Care Center can help.  Call us for an appointment or come by one of our locations today.  Transmission problems can't wait, and our services are designed to maintain your car's most important components.