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Like every other system on your vehicle, your fuel system is prone to problems over time and use.  Our fuel system services are designed to take care of any problem that your vehicle might be experiencing.  And make no mistake, your car's fuel system is complex - you need an expert, and that's what you'll find here at Good Guys Auto Care Center.  Cars, trucks and minivans are prone to a wide variety of fuel system problems.  They range from clogged fuel filters to failed fuel pumps, dirty/clogged fuel injectors, leaking fuel rails and more.  There are other problems that can affect the fuel system as well, including computer malfunctions, failed oxygen sensors and grime buildup within the engine itself.  Our ASE-certified technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to accurately diagnose the problem with your fuel system and then provide the right repairs immediately.  Don't let fuel system problems leave you on the side of the road.  Our fuel system services will keep your vehicle running properly, and keep you safely moving forward down the highway.  Whether you drive an import or a domestic, we can help ensure that your fuel system stays in good condition.  Call us or come by our Fountain Valley, Mission Viejo or Rancho Santa Margarita locations today to have your fuel system inspected, diagnosed and repaired.  Whether your engine is running lean, or you've noticed your car bucking on acceleration, we have the experience and expertise to help correct the problem immediately.