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What's the most important safety system on your vehicle?  Would you say it's your seat belts?  Perhaps you think it's the airbags in your car.  Both are important, certainly, but they're not as important as your brakes.  Without reliable brakes, you, your passengers and other drivers are in very serious danger.  Brakes rarely fail suddenly.  They deteriorate slowly with wear.  Brake life depends on many factors, such as terrain, city vs. country travel, driving style, and even climate.  

Since there's no such thing as a regular brake replacement schedule, it's wise to have your brakes inspected regularly.  Brake inspection is most logically done in connection with tire rotation, since the wheels have to be removed to properly inspect brake pads and shoes.  Warning signs that brake repair may be needed include strange sounds or feeling the steering wheel pull when you apply the brakes.  

The brake inspection is also an ideal time to check the brake fluid.  An unusually low fluid level indicates a leak, but the possibility of contamination is just as serious.  Contamination causes corrosion, which eventually leads to other brake problems.  Brake fluid should be clear to amber colored.  A sure sign of contamination is the darkening of the fluid to a tea or coffee color.  Brake fluid absorbs moisture, so water contamination is common in areas of the country where the humidity is high.  

At Good Guys Auto Care Center, we offer full service brake inspection and repair for all types of passenger cars, trucks and minivans.  We're proud to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions to their needs, and we're committed to making sure that you're safe while on the road.  We offer a broad range of brake service solutions in our Fountain Valley, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita locations.  We're happy to provide a full brake system inspection while your car is in the shop for an oil change or tire rotation.  We can also offer brake pad replacement with your choice of OEM or aftermarket pads.  Our ASE-certified technicians can turn your rotors if necessary to ensure smooth brake operation and reduced pad wear, we can also offer more in-depth services.  Your brake system is complex, can can be damaged in numerous ways.  We can offer caliper replacement services, brake line replacement, brake fluid flushes and brake master cylinder repair and replacement.  Brake problems are nothing to take chances with, and it's vital that you keep this system in good condition - we're here to help with every step of the way.  Whether you've got a daily driver or a tuner with over-sized brakes, our technicians can make sure your brakes are always in good shape.